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With CAT exams going online, candidates are a little wary about how they will adapt to the format. Students debate about the merits and demerits of online exam versus traditional pen and paper one.

“I am glad that this year CAT is online, as it is very convenient. We don’t have to go hunting for centres and I can comfortably sit at home and take the exam. Moreover, it saves a lot of time on the day of the exam which is otherwise wasted in travelling and searching for the exam centre.”

Sumisha Raina
“With changing times and introduction of technology methodology of teaching, exam practices must also change. I feel going online is a welcome change as it gives CAT a more global and flexible feel. It makes this test even more competitive and at the same time challenging too.”

Shubhanga Prasad
“With the CAT going online, personally, I feel it would be rather difficult for me to adapt to the computer based format, though I am used to sitting in front of a computer for a long time. However, I’m happy from a larger perspective, considering the amount of paper that would have been wasted, had it continued to be paper based. I am glad to  be appearing for the paperless exam this time.”

Tushara Subramani
“I am against CAT going online. I feel writing the exam manually only is better, as it helps us erase the marked answers. There is a sense freedom while writing the paper manually. In the computerised system, it is different once the answers are marked, we cannot erase it. This is something which is bad and I feel restricted and scared while marking the answers.”

Sandeep S
“I don’t think CAT should go online. All our life, we have been used to giving a paper based test and our entire thinking process is set to that. Simple things like ticking off the questions in our questions paper are big players during the exam, which helps us assess our strengths and plan out the exam. I cannot think of any one way that I can do the same on the computer.”

Sharan VishwanathSharan Vishwanath
“I am disappointed with CAT going online. I am so used to writing exam with the help of pen, paper and pencil. I as well as many others have been writing their exam in this manner from a young age, suddenly going online makes things difficult.”

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