Artists make an impact

Artists make an impact

Kala Samaavesha

ArtLabs, a non-profit organisation, is organising Kala Samaavesha, an exhibition of paintings, sculpture and graphics by artists from across India, at Venkatappa Art Gallery till January 11, 11 am to 6 pm.

The works of eminent and emerging artists like Aalok Sharma, Purushotham Adve, Ravindra Salve, J M S Mani, Ramamurthy, Sathya Pal, Sunitha Verma and Jayakumar G will be on display.

Kala Samaavesha will showcase Aalok Sharma’s ‘Memories’, Jayakumar’s ‘Hatch An Egg’ and ‘The Birdman and his Family’ creations, J M S Mani's famous Badami Series, Sathya Pal’s ‘Floating Memories’ series among others.

Ramamurthy, who is famous for his sculptures, will be showcasing his creations titled ‘Couple-1’ and ‘Couple-2’. Also on display will be Sunitha Verma’s paintings titled ‘Peacefully Passionate’ and ‘The Blue Spectrum’.

The works of Purushotham Adve and Ravindra Salve, along with a number of emerging artists, will be on show too.