'The bachelor minister doesn't know the pain'

'The bachelor minister doesn't know the pain'

Amidst shouts and discussions on serious issues, there were moments of light banter and laughter in the Delhi Assembly. The best came during a discussion on adulteration of milk.

A BJP MLA chided the bachelor Delhi Health Minister A K Walia that he cannot understand the pain of a man who has to feed adulterated milk to his children and wife because he is not married.

“Inki shaadi hoti to inko pata chalta (He would know if he was married),” said an MLA from the Opposition bench.

While Walia blushed, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit could not help but smile when Assembly Speaker Yoganand Shastri came to Walia’s rescue. “Yeh bhi aap logo ki galti hai. Inki shaadi nahi karaye ab tak (Even this is your fault. You should have got him married),” said Shastri looking at the Opposition bench.

All in the party

It was a bit of an embarrassment for the Bharatiya Janata Party when two of its members got into a war of words in the House during a discussion related to nursery admissions.

MLA Subhash Sachdeva was even interrupted by Dikshit when he referred to private schools being run by “mafias”, saying that word should not be used.

To this, MLA Subhash Chauhan said the government has no role in running of these schools and can do nothing about it.

Sachdeva took objection and got into an argument with him to the delight of the treasury bench.