Writer's Garden

Writer's Garden

Bunnu the Buzzing Bee

There was a buzzing bee named Bunnu. Bunnu and his friends used to always go and suck nectar from flowers and make honey. Bunnu's best friend's name was Bunty. They both used to fly together all the time.

One day, when Bunnu and Bunty were chasing each other and playing they made too much of noise by buzzing around. A hunter was sleeping under a mango tree; his sleep was disturbed by the two buzzing bees. He got angry and threw a stone at them. The stone hit Bunty's wings and he fell down and could not fly. Bunnu came to help Bunty and was angry with the hunter.

Bunnu made a small mango fall on the hunter's leg who was resting under the tree.  It then flew down and stung the hunter near the eye. The hunter was in pain and started jumping around; but even jumping started to hurt him! Luckily, Bunnu did not die even though he stung the hunter. The hunter was tired of the naughty bees' and he slowly walked away.

Bunnu picked up dry leaves that were lying on the ground and laid them on a big branch of the mango tree.  He made his friend Bunty sleep on them and take some rest.  Bunnu was also tired collecting the leaves and so he too rested on the leaves. They both fell asleep and got good rest.  But it was only after some days that Bunty got enough strength to fly around.

Bunnu and Bunty flew back to their friends and told them the whole story. A few days later, they flew back near the mango tree and found the same hunter again. But this time the hunter had learnt his lesson and so was nice and said I am sorry. The two best friends Bunnu and Bunty buzzed around to live happily.
Moral of the Story: Friends help each other when in trouble!

Written By: Pranathi Harihar
Sri Kumaran Children's Home
IV Std - ‘B’ Sec SKCH - CBSE

Green all the way

Wild monkeys, colourful birds and buzzing beez,
Green bushes, long weeds and the tall trees,
they are all part of Mother Nature
They are so beautiful, tht artists draw them, but all the humans like to live in cities and towns,

stressing themselves too much and putting on frowns
A developed city has tall buildings, cars and even smoke,
to escape from the heat and strain, people drink a coke
not aware that good old coconut water can cool you down in the hottest temperature
exactly like this nature has many hidden secrets after knowing a few of them, you will have no regrets, this world is being taken over  by stress, so I advise you chill out in the countryside and stay fresh

V.R. Chittaranjan,
VIII ‘C’, Oxford Senior Secondary School

Up in the sky

I see the birds flying up in the sky,
but sometimes I think, why can’t I?
I see the green trees growing on the mountain
But sometimes I think, is it the nature’s fountain?
I feel the love which exists on earth
With my mother’s kiss,I see my mother working very fast
To feed us with knowledge which is vast and vast
I see my dad in my dream
And I see him sometimes, buying me ice-cream
I see him far in the sky
Nurturing my dreams, which are so high
I know I can do it with my power
To bloom my mother’s struggle
into a flower
I know I am very intelligent
and can make my small world more elegant

Amogh George
IX std.
National High School

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