Innovative food for thought

Innovative food for thought

Trendy bites

The changing times have given a new form to Lohri celebration. The festival is now looked more from the point of view of a bonfire to be enjoyed during winters and has made many forget the tradition of offering peanuts, rewari and popcorn to the holy fire.

The bonfire has now shifted from the ground floor to terrace parties to be enjoyed with latest Bollywood music, while replacing the traditional dhols.

The festival indeed offers a great opportunity to all to enjoy the traditional delicacies that are cooked using traditional recipes which have been passed on from one generation to another. The traditional aate ki pinni, chiki or til ka laddoo are hardly made in homes these days. Keeping in mind the changing times, a lot of innovations in food have come up, which can be enjoyed on Lohri. Gajak cake by M Lounge, Mosaic Hotel is one of these. The traditional flavour of gajak is incorporated in a cake with a vanilla creme base and peanut chiki garnish.

Other than such innovative cakes, there are a lot of varieties in gajak that one can choose from this Lohri season. Binu Saxena, a shopkeeper in Chandni Chowk says, “Every year we come up with something new in terms of innovation while making the traditional gajaks and rewaris. This year, the new khoya khurchan roll is being liked by people and is selling like hot cakes. Customers are coming back for more.”

Those who have an independent lifestyle, don’t find the need to buy popcorns from the seller as they can make it in no time at home. Bhaskar Narang, an H R consultant, says, “Due to my hectic working hours, I don’t get the time to look out for a popcorn seller but I do feel the desire to enjoy Lohri and so I make the popcorn at home and enjoy my Lohri.”

Peanuts also form an integral part of the festival but now many prefer an easy way to much on these goodies too. Surinder Verma, a retail shop owner in Lajpat Nagar says, “Customers earlier used to buy normal peanuts but these days they prefer peanuts without the peels as it is easier to have them. Peanuts that are salted, fried and with masala are an all time favourite.”

So forget about your health issues and enjoy the delicacies of North India to the fullest on this Lohri.