Cuckolded millionaire sues ex-wife

Cuckolded millionaire sues ex-wife

The 48-year-old is demanding compensation for more than 300,000 pound for bringing up the 16 year-old son and 13 year-old daughter according to a High Court writ, according to the Daily Mail.

The couple had divorced with joint custody of the three kids to both the parents after his former wife confessed to a long running affair in 1997. In a bizarre twist, the businessman subsequently wed the children’s nanny and they have two sons.

The shocked businessman, who is the natural father of the first child from the marriage, made the legal claim after he was prevented from seeing the two other children and sent DNA test reports proving the same.

The couple identified as Mr and Mrs P married in 1986 and had a son three years later. Mrs P began her affair with Mr W who was then married, the writ states, the newspaper claimed.

In 1993 and 1996 Mrs P gave birth again and told her husband he was the father.
The writ says that Mrs P had discussed her pregnancy with her lover and told him he was the father.

According to the writ, the lovers “were involved in a joint enterprise to deceive” the husband regarding the children’s paternity and to “induce” him to accept “paternal and financial responsibility”.

Separate homes

After parting, the couple lived in separate large homes close by and shared custody of the three children, each having them alternately for four consecutive days.

The arrangement continued until July 2006 when the now-remarried Mrs P told her former husband he could no longer see the two younger children as he was not their father.
“The letter was a bombshell and the claimant was in shock,” stated the writ. It claimed that the letter had caused Mr P severe and continuing distress.