Team from Pak joins National Youth Festival

Team from Pak joins National Youth Festival

''What have the political problems between India and Pakistan got to do with our perception of India?'' This is a question posed by Jhilomi Wadiwala, a Pakistani participating in the National Youth Festival in Mangalore.

fiery performance: A team from Andhra Pradesh performs at the National Youth Festival in Mangalore on Friday.DH PhotoA six-member team from across the border is at Kadekar here to take part in competitive events.

Enjoying the cool breeze of the docile Nethravati river on Friday evening as they gathered at the adventure sports venue, Jhilomi, in a chat with Deccan Herald, said India and Pakistan were similar in terms of topography, people, attire and in a lot many ways.

Jhilomi is of the opinion that the existing standoffs between the two nations should be solved at the political front. “We have come here as artistes and as participants. Our liking for this nation and the people of this country has never been influenced by the political relationship shared between India and Pakistan. It is better if the citizens of both the nations respect each other, keeping political perceptions away,” she said.

Jhilomi was born in Ahmedabad and has many relatives in Mumbai. Presently, she is pursuing her management studies from Lahore University.

Her teammate Nawaz, too, is of the same opinion. He says instead of looking at strengthening the defence forces, the leaders of both countries should look at providing better education and healthcare to people. Nawaz is studying political science and economics at Lahore University.

The Pakistani team is composed of four boys and two girls. Participants from other SAARC nations like Afghanistan (four members) and Sri Lanka (six members) are also in Kadekar.


Competitions being held at seven different venues have certainly added to the temperature of Mangalore. Participants were seen giving their best to make it to the victory podium during the valedictory programme on January 16.

On Friday, Bharatanatyam and Odissi performances were held at Kudroli Gokarnateshwara temple where 16 Bharatanatyam and 10 Odissi artistes staged a show on their perception of gods.

Devadiga Sabha Bhavan echoed some of the most soothing classical and Hindustani vocals during the competitions. SDM Law College Hall had classical instrumental solo and Carnatic instrumental solo.

Various teams staged one act plays at Town Hall on various burning issues threatening society, right from terrorism to poverty. ‘Colonial Cousins’ Hariharan and Leslie Lewis left the audiences asking for more.

A food court was also inaugurated by Union Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs Ajay Maken at the venue. The 44 stalls at the court serve lip-smacking delicacies from Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu.