Beating those blues

Beating those blues

As a part of the Bengaluru Habba, a jazz and blues concert was recently held at the UB City Amphitheatre. Featuring two popular bands, ‘Groove #3’ and ‘Chronic Blues Circus’, the concert gave all blues fans in the City a reason to rejoice.

popular Chronic Blues Circus. It included both popular numbers of the genre, as well as some lesser-known compositions. The venue was packed with blues fans from all over the City, who were keen to watch both bands put up a show they wouldn’t forget soon.

First up on stage was ‘Groove #3’, a Chennai-based jazz/funk band. They turned up on stage and immediately began to play, catching the audience’s attention with their energetic music and upbeat tunes. Their performance had all the trappings of a blues concert, with a relaxed feel — and the vocalist even added to the feel by donning a felt hat.

The first song they performed was the popular ‘Autumn Leaves’, which was originally a French number. With soothing tunes and a simultaneously upbeat melody, it was an instant hit with the audience. Next up was their version of Sade’s ‘Smooth
Operator’, which had many members of the audience humming along. They also performed ‘Fever’ as well as ‘Get Up Stand Up’, the Bob Marley song, which has remained ever-popular with all reggae fans. This was followed by ‘Summertime’, and they concluded their performance with the popular number ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’.

The evening also included a performance by ‘Chronic Blues Circus’, a Bangalore-based band which comprises Owen Bosen on bass and vocals; Peter Isaac on vocals, guitar and harp; Miriam on guitar, vocals and percussion; and Satvik on drums and percussion.

They ripped right into a rendition of ‘Indian Blues’, followed by ‘Move My Blues’ and the melodious number, ‘Sweet Nicotine’. Next they played ‘Talk To ‘Em Baby’, and ‘Stir It Up’. They finished their time on the stage with the fitting piece, ‘Coming Home Blues’.

Sally, one of the members of the audience, said that despite the fact that she wasn’t a blues fan, she still enjoyed the performances. She also voiced her appreciation of the selection of numbers that had been performed on stage.

“Although the music was energetic, the overall feel of the songs was quite relaxing. I think the choice of music was also pretty good,” she observed.