Every drop counts

Every drop counts

An organic farmer from Kolar has used a new technique of farming. Kolar region is a dry and arid area, with depleting groundwater resources.

Percolating water: Kolar Deputy Commissioner Manoj Kumar Meena inaugurating organic farmer Chandrashekhar’s method. Photo by the authorEvery drop here becomes crucial. Under such circumstances, farmer N R Chandrashekhar from Nenamanahalli in Kolar taluk has embarked on a system, wherein he supplies water to saplings with a bottle of water placed next to the plant. A small perforation at the bottom of the bottle ensures that water seeps into the soil slowly.

His field of 30 guntas is a veritable laboratory. Chandrashekhar has planted as many as 300 Benisha saplings. Earlier, when he raised a papaya crop on his field, this organic farmer ensured that percolation pits were dug on one corner of his field to supply water to his crops. The runaway rainwater is now harvested by way of these percolation pits.

Along with a bumper papaya crop, he also planted mulberry and took up sericulture. When he planted the mango saplings, Chandrashekhar was worried that there were no sources of water on his field. It was then that he decided to implement the idea of the water bottles.

The first step was to fill glucose bags that could hold half a litre of water. Then, he made a small perforation at the base of the bottle and placed it near the roots. This water percolates through the soil for about one or two days and feeds the mango saplings.

According to him, by storing 13 litres of water, one can supply water to 26 plants. He points out that the other farmers use the same amount of water for each plant, and explains that he has been able to conserve water to that extent. This organic farmer explains that he will supply water to all the plants by way of this bottle system till the rainy season begins. Chandrashekhar also uses organic manure for all the saplings.

Apart from mango, Chandrashekhar also plans to plant drumstick in the near future. This farmer’s efforts have won him appreciated from the Deputy Commissioner of Kolar district, Manoj Kumar Meena who recently visited his field to inaugurate the new system.