'Lot of experimentation can be disastrous'

'Lot of experimentation can be disastrous'

Writing yakshagana prasanga needs skill and talent. Unfortunately prasangas are being written without respecting the actual poet, which is nothing but an insult on the art form, said litterateur Kabbinale Vasantha Bharadhwaj.

Speaking during the valedictory programme of  ‘Akhila Bharatha Yakshagana Bayalata Sahitya Sammelana’ on Sunday at Town Hall, Mangalore, he said that yakshagana has its distinct style and hence there is no need to imbibe essence of Kathakkali or Bharathanatya into it.

“Experiments in yakshagana are not wrong, but they can not replace the tradition of the art. Too much experiment may affect the beauty of yakshagana,” he said.

“Yakshagana should not be called as a coastal art form. It should be a symbol of State’s culture. Along with the government private organisations should honour the yakshagana artists,” Bharadhwaj said.

Yakshagana artist Pookala Laxminarayana Bhat felt that, many think about the protection of yakshagana, but very few think about the plight and condition of the artists.

Dakshina Kannada District Kannada Sahitya Parishat President Pradeep Kumar Kalkura announced few decisions of the Sammelana including insurance facility for yakshagana artists, providing venues for show, pension scheme, giving good salary to yakshagana artists, promoting the art form in schools and colleges etc.

Special honour was presented to artiste Kasturi Varadaraya Pai for life time achievement.

Sammelana President Yakshagana artiste Govinda Bhat, artistes Kendaganna, Pookala Laxminarayana Bhat, Begaru Padmanabha, Dr Omprakash K V and other artists were felicitated during the occasion.