Not safe for women expats

Not safe for women expats


Why we are cheated everywhere in Delhi? Why are we treated like fools? Wonders a helpless Delphine Jacobs, a German resident in Delhi.

Serious issue : A foreigner at a shop.

The foreigners coming to the City to work seem like an unhappy lot, especially the women expats who have a hard time living here.

Brigitte Aknin from Argentina explains, “I think that even walking on the streets of Delhi is very dangerous. Cars never stop to let you cross the road and I am not used to it. I escape death almost every day while crossing the roads. Thankfully, I haven’t met with any accident but people here drive quite fast.”

Maya, a German says, “Generally I don’t have any major problem with men, I just feel that they look at me in a strange manner because I am blonde. But sometimes I feel that they would not behave the same way if I were an Indian girl. They are extra friendly with me and I think they don’t respect me because of the myth that blondes are easy going with everyone.”

Also, buying vegetables, fruits, crockery, clothes or anything from the street vendors becomes an unachievable task for many expat women because of the way the street vendors cheat them. Travelling is also a big issue for these women as auto rickshaw drivers cheat them almost every time.

French woman Kristelle Fuchs describes her horror tales when she had just moved in to the City. She says, “It is pathetic here. Travel agents, auto rickshaw drivers and even cab drivers, don’t leave a single opportunity to befriend me and often insist on going out on a date with me. Here, people are not professional in their approach, they think that just because I am a foreigner it’s easier for them to cross the line. Often I am flooded with calls from men I don’t even know. They keep hitting on me.”