Missing 10-year-old boy found murdered

Missing 10-year-old boy found murdered

A 10-year-old boy from Kotwal Galli, missing for the past two days, was found murdered in a goods auto at Bagwan Galli on Wednesday.

This is the second such case of kidnap and murder being reported in the town in a span of less than 18 months. Jabeer Todewale’s body was dumped of behind Bagwan Galli, about 200 metres from his residence.

The body did not bear any external injuries. It is suspected that the boy may have been smothered to death or strangled his kidnappers.

In a similar incident less than 18 months ago, Gagan Somanache, 10, from Angol was murdered and his body was found in a well near his residence, after he went missing. Police are yet to make any arrests in the case.

Different theories did the rounds after the first incident, including suspicions of the boy being killed as sacrifice to a deity.