Eight steps to save the world

Eight steps to save the world

A creative teenager has lined up eight solution-oriented inventions for future production. He describes his terrific ideas right here!

Young ones have their dreams. For example, take me. I sometimes dream of becoming an Einstein. As we all know, Albert Einstein was a great scientist who produced so many inventions that are invaluable to generations of human beings. In the same way, I’d like to be a scientist and pull a lot of rabbits out of my hat, but let me tell you about some of the innovations I’ve been dreaming of inventing  ever since I was in Standard Four…

Well, my first brainwave was to build a car that would fly, but to my bad luck, the flying car prototype was built by a car company even before I reached Standard Seven! Do you think they have a secret invention to draw fluid ideas out of people’s heads by osmosis?!
Well, as the years flashed by, I did plot a number of inventions that I thought would ease some of the world’s most pressing problems, make day-to-day life hassle-free and generally benefit mankind. Now that I’m in Standard Ten, I have eight such solution-oriented inventions lined up for future production, and I am going to describe these terrific ideas right here.

The first of my inventions is the ‘Big Light’, which is designed just like a torch that can be turned on and off. The only difference between an ordinary torch and the ‘Big Light’ is that the ‘Big Light’ has extraordinary power. This means that when its light falls on any object, that object becomes very strong and huge. For instance, when its light is directed on saplings, they immediately become tall and strong. This serves a dual purpose because in the first place there is no cutting machine strong enough to hew down such trees, so the felling of trees would stop, and our afforestation programmes would become an instant reality.

My second invention is the ‘Small Light’. Now, the ‘Small Light’ looks just like the ‘Big Light’. The only difference is that it has just the opposite effect on things. Thus, whenever the rays of the ‘Small Light’ falls on an object, that object shrinks in size. So, people’s parking problems become a thing of the past! All you have to do is to shine the rays of the ‘Small Light’ on vehicles and they become small enough to be tucked into your pocket! If you wish, you too can become small along with your vehicle.  And there are no exceptions. Be it an aeroplane, a ship or a rocket, it can be made small enough to be carried in your pocket.

Exciting as these two inventions may appear, they are nothing compared to my third invention which is called the ‘Regenerating Fluid’. This is a pink liquid and it works on the principle of the lizard’s tail. We know that when a lizard loses its tail, the tail grows back within a few months. Thus, this liquid is bound to be very helpful to people as it can be used on anything. For example, if someone hands you a thousand rupee note that has been torn into two halves, and you apply some of the ‘Regenerating Fluid’ to each of the two halves, you can grow each of the missing halves back within two seconds.

So, now you have not one, but two thousand rupee notes! However, to prevent fraudulent use, this liquid is very expensive. You have to pay one crore rupees for a 5-ml vial of the fluid.

My fourth invention is the ‘Cut Anything Sword’. As ordinary as it may look, the ‘Cut Anything Sword’ can cut anything in just one stroke. It doesn’t matter whether the object to be cut is as hard as a rock or as soft as a sponge because it will be cut in the matter of seconds. So, now the quarrying of huge rocks for building purposes has been simplified and made easy. This sword comes with a special battery that lasts forever.

The fifth invention is called the ‘Bamboo Captor’. The ‘Bamboo Captor’ looks like a cap with rotor blades fixed on top. It has been designed to help reduce pollution. You can use this ‘Captor’ and travel to wherever you wish to go, as it cleans and purifies the air around you. The only thing you must remember is that you will have to change the batteries every two years.

I must confess that I have a soft corner in my heart for my sixth invention which is ‘Invisible Cloth’.

This ‘Invisible Cloth’ both allows you to become invisible as well as enables people to walk right through you. This will help you no end whenever you are late for school or work.  Supposing you are late, you just don the invisible cloth, walk past the watchman at the gate, go to your seat and remove the cloth. When the boss comes round you can look him in the eye and say, “I was here before you came, but you didn’t see me.” I’m certain the sales of the invisible cloth will soar in no time.

My seventh invention is the ‘Will Power Hat’. This hat, as its name suggests, helps you increase your will power. It has already helped many students who were scared of their examinations, and those who were suffering from low self-esteem.

My eighth and last invention is the ‘Come Alive Powder’. You can dust this powder onto non-living things and they come alive within ten seconds. Moreover, the powder’s effect lasts for about three hours. This is designed to comfort small children and the elderly who would love to have pets, but are not allowed to do so as they are unable to take care of them. Their loneliness would be assuaged for a while as, for example, the rocking chair would take them into its loving arms and sing lullabies and old familiar melodies to them.

What I have been describing are eight wonderful inventions designed to help both mankind as well as the environment. The purpose of my inventions is to keep my fellow humans healthy and happy, and relieve Mother Earth of some of her burdens.

Do any of my inventions seem a little far-fetched to you, my friend? In that case, let me remind you that my generation has been born into a world in which we learn that nothing is impossible; a world in which inventions are being churned out by the minute even as we talk. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with having a dream so long as you work towards making it come true, is there?