Delhi zoo now allowed to use its own money on itself

Delhi zoo now allowed to use its own money on itself

In its over 50-year history the zoo has been permitted to spend the revenue it generates from the sale of tickets.

The Delhi zoo comes under the purview of the central government and the revenues went to the Union Finance Ministry earlier. The Ministry of Environment and Forests had pitched to the Ministry of Finance that the zoo could utilise revenue generated for its maintenance.

 “This is the first time the ministry has allowed the National Zoological Park in Delhi to use the revenue it generates for its upkeep,” said B S  Bonal, member secretary of the Central Zoo Authority (CZA).

 He said this will help in reducing the financial problems faced in the past as the funds released earlier were erratic. The annual collection of revenue will first be presented in the budget and then put to use once it is passed.

Prakriti Srivastava, DIG wildlife said the ministry has given permission to the zoo authorities to utilise Rs 3 crore of estimated revenue. 

Bonal added that this money will be channelised towards areas that need special attention like waterlogging. Last year the zoo was flooded in the monsoon. 

“The maintenance of the zoo in the last 50 years has gone down due to a money crunch. We are hopeful that the new model will help in improving the situation. We will spend the money for upgrading infrastructure like roads, buildings and drainage system in 2012,” said A K  Agnihotri, zoo director. 

The zoo houses over 1,500 varieties of mammals, reptiles and bird species. It is also home to many endangered species in India. 

The authorities plan to increase the number of inmates to 2,000 and add new species such as African rhinoceros, Australian kangaroos, zebras, ostrich and others by 2020.