'The local authorities just don't bother'

'The local authorities just don't bother'


Patparganj, a residential area in East Delhi, is well-known for its huge apartments. Situated across the Yamuna River, Patparganj is home to a large number of group housing societies and many multi-storeyed apartment blocks.

Lawless : Locals complain of chain snatching incidents in Patparganj.

Well connected with neighbouring residential colonies like Preet Vihar, Pandav Nagar and Mayur Vihar, Patparganj is also known for its industrial area — ‘Patparganj Industrial Area’.

But in the course of time, this area has developed many issues and the locals are fuming over the bad law and order situation here. “We are fed up of the chain snatching incidents in this area. It’s has become a daily affair now and the police seems to do nothing about it.

Whenever people  go to make complain, the cops tell them not to wear jewellery. They put all the blame on us. Roads are yet another problem. They have dug up the roads in many places but haven’t repaired them,” says Alka Gupta, a housewife who had been staying in Patparganj for the past 13 years.

Kanchan Kapoor, who has been living here for 12 years seconds Alka and says, “Recently, one of my friends became a victim of chain snatching but the police officials did not do anything. They assured that they will take action but it was all in vain. The police is just not bothered.”

Birendra Kumar Nirmal, a retired employee who has been living in the area for 20 years, expresses his concern too. “The locality is very peaceful and the people are good too. The problem is that sometimes, people sit in the ground and booze. This restricts the localites to enter the park for walks. The local authorities just don’t bother.” He adds, “The area has a lot of open gutters.

Many children have fallen inside them but our complaints have fallen on deaf ears.” Birendra also raises his concern about the increasing number of chain snatching incidents in Patparganj. “We hear of such cases everyday. They have increased immensely and people are tensed as nothing is being done to solve the issue.”

Over the years, Madhu Vihar has developed into a busy market place of Patparganj. This market place is very popular among the locals as they get everything under one roof. One can buy clothes, food items, home decor items, car decor items and many other things. Established in 2005, Max Hospital at Patparganj, was the first multi-speciality tertiary care centre in East Delhi.

In proximity of the Commonwealth Games Village, the locality is well connected to the Delhi Metro and Preet Vihar Metro station is the nearest station for the commuters. The area has a good connectivity of buses too.

“We face traffic jams here during peak hours and sometimes have to spend an hour in traffic everyday. We do not have water or electricity problems though,” says Navjot Kaur, an air hostess.