Diplomat's wife has seen the bomber

Diplomat's wife has seen the bomber

Blast: Attacker had done recce

Tal Yehoshua Koren, the Israeli diplomat’s wife hurt badly in the car bomb blast in New Delhi on Monday, has managed to catch a glimpse of the motorcycle-borne bomber who placed a magnetic explosive on the vehicle.

However, the utility of her statement in the investigation is yet to be ascertained, especially because the biker was wearing a “full-face” helmet. There are also reports that two men were involved in the attack.

An Israeli website, ynetnews.com, quoted the diplomat’s brother as saying that she “apparently spotted the terrorist moments before the attack, managed to get out of her car and evacuated herself to hospital despite her injury.”

Israel Ambassador to India Alan Ushpiz, while blaming Iran for the attack, said his colleague was critical but stable. Israeli embassy spokesperson David Goldfarb said she may be flown back home once she recovers.

“At the moment we are not working on her being airlifted immediately. She has to be stable and recover before we do that. The doctors have to give a clearance for the same,” Goldfarb said.

Two Israeli doctors are said to be assisting the team treating her at the Primus Hospital in New Delhi. Shrapnels were removed from her body, sources said.

Yehoshua was taken to the hospital by rickshaw where she is in mild to moderate condition following surgery, the website said.

Three others who were also injured have been discharged from the hospital.
 The diplomat’s wife is said to have come out of anaesthetic effect but is expected to be in constant medical observation for the next 24 hours.