A mix of sensuality and dynamism

A mix of sensuality and dynamism

Samhara will be held on February 24 at Chowdiah Memorial Hall

The All India Movement (AIM) for Seva is presenting dance for a cause, called Samhara, by Nrityagram on February 24, 7 pm at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.

elegant From Samhara.Samhara is a new work choreographed by Surupa Sena, in which Nrityagram joins hands with Sri Lanka’s renowned Chitrasena Dance Company to explore the meeting point between the sensuality of odissi and the masculine dynamism of Chitrasena’s Kandyan dance.

At Nrityagram, dance is a way of life. The founder, Protima Gauri, an odissi dancer, converted 10 acres of farmland into an ideal setting for the study, practice and teaching of classical dance. Reminiscent of ancient ashrams, where gurus imparted not only technique but also a philosophy of being, it is a creative space where dancers, musicians and choreographers live together, sharing their skills and developing their art.

The dancers study yoga, meditation, the martial arts as well as Sanskrit, mythology and literature. As knowledge passes from guru to disciple, the continuity of the classical arts is ensured. The outside world, too, is an integral part of Nrityagram. Choreographers, movement specialists, sculptors, painters, writers, musicians and theatre people from all over the world, frequently visit the village to perform and give workshops and seminars on their art.

The ‘Nrityagram Dance Ensemble’ is regarded as one of the foremost dance companies of India and they have performed extensively across the country and the world. Although steeped in and dedicated to ancient practice, Nrityagram dancers  are also involved in carrying Indian dance into the 21st century. After Bangalore, Nrityagram will be performing Samhara for six days at Joyce Theatre, New York and then continue on a North American tour.

AIM for Seva, a public charitable trust founded in 2000 as a nation-wide movement, has given a fresh lease of life to over a million rural and tribal people. The vision is to make education accessible to every child in tribal, rural, and urban areas through the concept of a ‘Student Home’, completely free of cost to provide basic healthcare to people living in the remote regions of the country.

The organisation currently manages over 118 projects in education and healthcare across 15 states, with a focus on education through its 79 ‘Student Homes’, where nearly 3,000 students stay and pursue their studies.

Besides education, AIM for Seva focuses on primary healthcare through hospitals, clinics and mobile medical units. For details, call 9632370180.