Noontime nightmare

Telugu (U/A)Cast: Ravi Teja, Deeksha Seth, Srikanth, Bhavana, Mukul Dev, Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandam, Director: Gunasekhar

It’s a story done to death by the filmmakers. Apart from its dated plotline, the film’s script too is as woebegone as it can be. Even the presence of a bankable Ravi Teja playing the lead and going through his now familiar routines, does not in any way help the pitiful prospects of Nippu nor the (mis)fortunes of Gunasekhar as a director who simply succeds in delivering a dud and dismal movie that is as dry and drab as can be.  

With nothing going for it, Nippu, in a matter-of-fact manner focuses on bosom buddies who would give their life for one another. It centres around Surya whose close pal Sriram faces death sentence in Saudi Arabia, being charged with killing his lover Vaishnavi. 

The only way Surya (a gym coach) can save his friend from the noose is get a letter from Vaishnavi’s parents on her actual death. But the nub of the problem is Raja Goud (whose daughter Vaishnavi is) is seeking revenge on Surya having been rubbed the wrong way by him. However, how, Surya wins over Shankar Kaka, Raja Goud’s bete noire and succeeds in his mission forms the crux of an eminently forgettable and fetid Nippu.

 Despite Teja’s exuberance to pep up the proceedings, and Deeksha Seth doing her obliging best to ooze out the oomph and glamour quotient, the film, which is too formulaic and flat, fails to neither enliven nor entertain thanks to director Gunasekhar’s lackadaisical and listless storytelling, that is devoid of any merit or appreciation. In short, it teases one’s patience to the point of ennui and exasperation. Suffer if you must paying a visit than shunning it like scourge.