'We should have got the penalty'

'We should have got the penalty'

 A disappointed India coach CR Kumar said they should have been given the penalty corner in the dying minutes of the match against Ukraine. The technical officials later, he said, admitted their mistake.

The Indian girls were awarded a second successive penalty corner seconds before the hooter but was put down by the technical officials. The Indians protested but to no avail.

“It was a wrong decision, the first penalty corner was not complete, the ball was still in play but the hooter went off. As per rules, we should have been given the second PC. Later after the match, when I went and spoke to the technical officials and on-field umpires, they agreed it was a mistake, but there was nothing that could be done,” he said after his team was held to 1-1 draw..

Kumar also rued the unavailability of video referrals in the tournament, pointing to the goal off a rebound by Anuradha Devi which was disallowed because of dangerous play.

“That was also a mistake on the part of the umpire according to me because the ball had already crossed the line and hit the inside post,”  he said.

Asked whether they will file a complain against the two decisions, Kumar said: “We have to discuss the matter.”

He said the match was a lesson for them. “We missed a lot of scoring chances, it is our fault. We didn’t capitalise on the chances and missed three points and that should not have happened. I am disappointed. It was a lesson for us,” Kumar said.