A platform for designers

A platform for designers

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The students of fashion and apparel designing department of Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies recently put up an exhibition to showcase the best of their creativity.

Titled ‘Art Nouveau’, which translates to ‘new art’ in English, the exhibition included the products designed by the students as part of their academic course.

These included all manner of garments, as well as trinkets and decorative products that the students had crafted themselves.

All in all, eight stalls were put up as part of the exhibition. One of the most creative stalls included different pieces of jewellery which had been crafted from all manner of materials — whether made of terracotta, environmental waste of even electronic semi-conductors, they were bright and colourful, and caught the eye instantly.

There was also a tattoo and nail-art studio, wherein the students showed off their creativity in designing elaborate tattoos and funky nail paintings.

The other stall which was popular was one which specialised in hair-threading; the students in charge of it gave an African threaded style which was the centre of attention at the exhibition.

Stalls showcasing garments created by the students were also attractive; the clothes, which included both traditional as well as contemporary styles, were bright and colourful, and represented different cultures and places. Many of the items were decorated with beads and embellished to give a new dimension to style.

Other decorative items which were on display included interior ornaments and trinkets, colourful wall-hangings, and glossy glass paintings. The students had also crafted a variety of handy teddy bags made of eco-friendly materials which were put up. In addition to this, there were candles, embroidered art and small jewellery items like earrings, bracelets and necklaces which the students had designed.

To everyone’s delight, the exhibition also had a food stall, which served the visitors snacks like pastries, ‘pani puri’ and fruit juice to keep them happy.  Bharathi, a final year student, felt that the exhibition was the perfect chance for the design students to show off their creativity and unique style.

“Day by day, new trends are hitting market which make us come up with innovative ideas, which we then use in our academics,” she explained. Shalini Reddy, the director of the institute, concluded that such endeavours have a lot of scope. “It gives students the confidence to come up with new ideas by using new technology,” she said.