Reviving 'Gurukul' system ironically

Reviving 'Gurukul' system ironically

School lacks basic infrastructure

Even as several private run institutions and those trying to bring in innovative means of education have been trying to revive the ancient ‘Gurukul’ system of education where learning amidst the nature is a prime ingredient, students of this Government school in the District have been learning amidst the nature literally because they are left with no other choice.

SSLC students writing preparatory examination under a tree at Kamblapadavu Government High School near Pavoor on Tuesday.

All of Government’s claims of providing quality education in the schools fall flat if one were to visit Kamblapadavu school in Pavoor Gram Panchayat limits. Like many other schools in the state this school does not even have basic infrastructure.

In this school, the situation is so desperate that on Tuesday, the tenth standard students wrote their preparatory examination under a tree in the school premises.

As many as 305 students are pursuing their studies in the school. Unfortunately, there are only four classrooms and a computer lab. The classes are held even in Akshara Dasoha building. As there are two divisions in each class from eighth to tenth standard, the school is facing severe shortage of classrooms.

Two classes are conducted in Ambedkar Bhavan situated next to the school, but since Bhavan belongs to Pavoor Gram Panchayat, whenever, the gram panchayat programmes are scheduled to be held in the Bhavan, the students are forced to sit under the tree and attend classes.

On Tuesday, as the Gram Sabha of the Gram Panchayat was held at Ambedkar Bhavana, the students of the school were forced to write their preparatory examinations under a tree.

Empty promises

Though the elected representatives had promised that Rs 45 lakh has been released for constructing classrooms, the promises have remained to be so since a long time.

The teachers, students, parents and Gram Panchayat had submitted several memorandums to the government to solve the problem. However, shortage of classrooms continue to haunt the students of this school, said villagers