Confident and ready to score

Confident and ready to score

Preparation Fever

As class X exams for ICSE and CBSE are commencing soon, students are busy with their last minute preparations.

The ICSE exams are slated to begin on February 27 and CBSE exams will kick-start from March 1. When Metrolife spoke to a few students regarding their exam preparations, most of them said that they are all set to face the exam confidently.

As only a few days are left for ICSE exams, Neha Narayan, a class X student of New Horizon Public School, Indiranagar, has revised her syllabus thoroughly. “I have been studying since the beginning of the academic year. These days I have been studying approximately for ten hours a day.

I have solved old question papers and revised the subjects three to four times,” she says. She thanks her teachers, who had taken an extra class, to teach the toughest topics. “Even my father cleared my doubts. I used to feel chemistry and maths were hard nuts to crack, but now I am confident enough to face any questions in those subjects,” she adds.

Tanush Vinay, another class X student studying in ICSE syllabus at St Joseph’s Boys High School, opines that mugging up texts won’t help during exams. “As I have seen, the ICSE class X exam is highly hyped and students, teachers and even parents get tensed. But I am not scared. If one understands the subject thoroughly, then he can easily recall answers in the exam hall. As the syllabus is vast, one has to study each topic with great attention and concentration,” he says.

He believes his teachers are the best tutors, and are ready to help at any time. “My teachers are just a phone call away and they never mind even if we trouble them with questions. I clear my doubts with my classmates who are staying in the same apartment as I am. I play football and cricket in between the studies to refresh,” he informs.

Sudheendra R Deshpande of Jnanodaya School, who is pursuing CBSE syllabus, has increased his confidence level by attending two preparatory exams and a pre-board exam. He is making the best use of study holidays by referring to old question papers and revising the subjects. “I am familiar with the exam pattern and don’t have any exam blues. I feel it is a bit difficult to score high marks in social science because of the time constraint. We have to write lengthy answers in that subject, hence I am practising to write faster,” he says.

Nikita Rao, who is studying in Kendriya Vidyalaya, is all set to face the exam confidently.

“My parents are tensed as the exam date is nearing. But I have kept my cool as I have attended mock exams twice. Yoga helps me to a great extent in keeping my cool and in concentrating on my studies. I’m treating it as a normal exam so that I can write the papers confidently,” she sums up.