Law student turns conman

Law student turns conman

In what appears to be a straight lift from a Bollywood thriller, a law student in his early 20s, duped a businessman Dashrath Gupta of his Mercedes car.

Son of a joint secretary-level officer, Shashank was studying law in Haryana. But during his recent visit to Patna, he came across a Mercedes car, whose owner stayed at Pushpa Vihar Apartment near Gandhi Maidan. Since then he had been planning to dupe the trader. So he befriended the Guptas a couple of months back. One fine morning, he visited Gupta’s house and touched Dashrath’s feet. “I need your blessings as I have to go for a photo-shoot for a magazine,” said Shashank.

Gupta blessed him. So far so good. But Shashank added that he needed his Mercedes car as the magazine wanted him to shoot with the car. Without reading an ulterior motive, Gupta agreed and asked his driver to accompany the law student to the photo-shoot place.

On the way, Shashank forcibly asked the driver to get down and fled with the car. A flabbergasted Gupta rushed to the Gandhi Maidan police station to lodge an FIR.  The Senior SP of Patna Alok Kumar constituted a police team headed by Town DSP Ramakant, considered to be one of the most dynamic officers, to crack the case.

Within 24 hours, Ramakant traced the car from Rupaspura on the outskirts of Patna and arrested the wayward son of the bureaucrat. “Shashank has confessed his crime before the police. He has now been forwarded to jail,” said the DSP.