Time running out for Kanchan

Time running out for Kanchan

Reports said inspite of the dedicated efforts of the soldiers and the fire brigade, and the concerns of the district administration which has camped on the site since Monday afternoon, there has been little progress in reaching the child, who is supposed to have got stuck at a depth of 55-60 feet, inside the well.

The rescue operations suffered a severe setback on Tuesday night as it rained heavily. The work almost came to a halt the entire night and was resumed on Wednesday morning. The rock has to be blasted in such a way that the tube in which the child has been caught should not damage.

For digging trenches

The soldiers resorted to the kind of blast that was usually done to split the rock while digging trenches for plantation, which would be one feet at the most. Eye-witnesses informed Deccan Herald that it took two hours for the tractors to clear the remnants of the blasted rock. Adding to the agony of the rescue party, it has been heavily raining in the area.

Looking at the pace of work and the impediments, it was estimated that the operation might go up till Thursday evening. The team of doctors and officers including Deputy Commissioner R Shantaraj were not in a position to say anything about the survival chances of the child. The villagers are losing hope of getting the child out alive.