Squirrels fancy brown bread too!

Squirrels fancy brown bread too

You learn that squirrels fancy brown bread too and treat you to the friendliest lunch time gossip – that whizzing up and down, cavorting around tree tops, gobbling bread on sturdy cactus leaves, is a way to scamper through and over simple bliss to slaughter stress.
Then Lal Bagh’s pelicans will suddenly swan up towards you majestically but soar up into the skies at inconvenient moments just when you are trying for a better picture while ducks are too busy washing up.
 Magic peers out of an insect prettier than the sun-beam yellow rose she is snoozing on in the nursery.

And as for the dahlias that wait to dazzle you with never the same dress design,
there is no end to sapphire surprises!
Best of all Squirrel Sense teaches you to skim through the hours by overturning everything dull, drab and drastic so that the worrisome weeds have no time to grow tall and stout.

And as a garden snoozes through a Sunday afternoon it quietly snacks on your stress and sorrow and gobbles them up.

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