They couldn't escape colour, fun

They couldn't escape colour, fun

Some tried to run, while others tried to hide but in the end all of them ended up in a Holi mess.

Though Holi arrived inconveniently in the middle of the  week this time, it didn’t stop many from getting onto the streets and having a blast.

On Brigade Road, Shruti, a student at St Joseph’s Commerce College, grinning ear to ear said she tried her best to get away from her ‘rowdy’ friends.

“I tried to hide in a restaurant but they were waiting for me when I got out.” She said all of it was good fun but she’d have a lot of explaining to do when she got home. For Umesh, problems were of a more immediate nature, he was trying to wash egg off his hair. “A friend of mine smashed an egg on my head and now I just can’t seem to get rid of the stink,” he said.

But most people are not celebrating just yet. “Since both  my wife and I work for multinational companies, we are putting off major celebrations until the weekend,” said IT professional Prashant Verma. Most gated communities and apartment complexes were also quiet on Thursday.

According to Ravi Jha, residing in Godrej Apartments on Bellary Road, grand celebrations at the apartment are planned for Sunday.

“Holi is a lot more fun when there are a lot of people involved, so I don’t mind waiting for another couple of days,” he said.  

According to one tradition, Holi is the celebration of Prahlada’s survival and death of demoness Holika.

Prahlada’s father Hiranyakashipu, in one of the many attempts to kill his son, asked his sister Holika to sit on a bonfire with Prahlada on her lap in the hope that this would kill Prahlada. But Prahlada, who chanted Vishnu’s name, survived and Holika perished.