Singh talks to Norway PM on custody of NRI kids

Singh talks to Norway PM on custody of NRI kids

India is keen to find an "amicable" and "good" solution to the custody battle of two young Indian children in Norway within the ambit of the law, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today told his Norwegian counterpart.

Singh who is here to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, met Norway Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and said that he expected a decision on the issue within the ambit of the law. "We are keen to see an amicable and good solution emerging out in the interest of the welfare of the children and within the ambit of the law," Indian sources told reporters after Stoltenberg briefed Singh about the issue.

Abhigyan, 3, and Aishwarya, one, were placed in foster care by Norwegian Child Welfare Authorities in May last year on grounds of "emotional disconnect". "Singh emphasised the deep sense of family values that are prevalent in India and the feeling that parents are best equipped to take care of their children," the sources said.

Stoltenberg told Singh that the local municipality is planning to take the next steps in consultation with the district court and all parties concerned, they said. In a setback to the parents of the two children, Norwegian authorities last week said they were not going ahead with a deal to hand over the kids to their uncle in view of "conflicts" in the family.

The statement followed reports of differences between the parents -- Anurup and Sagarika Bhhatacharya. "In the light of the great uncertainty that now prevails, the Child Welfare Service (CWS) cannot maintain that a move to India would be in the best interests of the children," CWS chief Gunnar Toresen had said.