Alternative road for RoB work a disaster

Alternative road for RoB work a disaster

Work on the rail overbridge (RoB) near Clock Tower on Bangalore Road began in the city on June 26 last year. Nine months later, the work is far from over, causing inconvenience to the people.

The alternative road constructed for the motorists is cheek-by-jowl the railway line and is a mud road dotted by potholes. The overbridge project is being undertaken at a cost of Rs five crore.

The alternative road is useful for those travelling to the national highway from Clock Tower and Shehan Shah Nagar, as also those moving towards Keelukote and the district stadium. Riding on the uneven road had become a challenge during the last rainy season. 

With gauge conversion work having been taken up simultaneously and huge pits being dug for the purpose, it became more of a danger riding on this road. The rising dust as vehicles pass aggravates the inconvenience. There is neither a warning board nor a temporary protective wall, between the railway track and the alternative road, to prevent mishaps.

It requires great care on the part of vehicle riders, especially children and the elderly, while negotiating this road as even a small error can lead to the vehicles falling into the pit. The lack of streetlights has compounded the problem. One has to cross the tracks at the end of the alternative road. Here too, there are pits on either side and there is the danger of vehicle riders falling and injuring themselves.

The people have demanded that the alternative road should be made safer for the vehicle users.