Studying in Scotland

Studying in Scotland

University of Glasgow is one of the oldest schools in Scotland. Pragya Saini speaks of her invaluable experience there.

OVERSEAS EDUCATION University of Glasgow; (inset) Pragya Saini.

After working for a considerable amount of time as a television journalist, I felt the need to broaden my horizon in media and gain a global understanding of the dynamics of the industry. I found the perfect course at the University of Glasgow and not many universities in the UK offer a Master’s in Media Management.

Right from the application process to securing a place in this course, the university’s staff was of immense help. Not only do they have representatives in all the major cities in India, but their international officers also pay visits to these centres to facilitate the application process and offer on- the- spot admissions to students, thereby making the process a lot simpler.

The university also offers varied scholarships to students whom they deem fit. I was entrusted with a University Trust International Leadership Scholarship worth £10,000. The scholarship proved to be highly beneficial and encouraging. The web chat sessions with current students, which are offered by the university before the start of the session, are quite useful as it helps in clarifying any queries a student may have about student life and various other aspects of studying abroad.

The curriculum is designed in a manner which augments analytical thinking, consequently stressing on out-of-the-box ideas while approaching an assignment or project. This mode of teaching is quite interesting as it is in stark contrast with the Indian style where there is room for only one right answer and success can be attained only through one way.
I strongly support the teaching style at the University as it has helped me immensely in recognising my potential and has empowered me to think of concepts and ideas, which in India would have been rendered inefficient.

A student here at the University not only develops a knack for analytical thinking but also grows at a personal level. The fact that I came in contact with people from different nations and cultures gave me a far deeper insight into their culture and enhanced my understanding of them. It has helped me become an international citizen. The multicultural and diverse environment provided by the University has helped not only me but many others as well.

Campus facilities

The University’s architecture is one of its many attractive features. Despite being one of the oldest universities in the English speaking world, the University’s campus, though reminiscent of old world architecture, has managed to keep abreast with modernity as well.

The University’s library, one of the best in Europe, was like my second home. It houses the literature for all the courses on offer, and navigating through all of the material is completely hassle-free. The role played by various student bodies is also quite essential as the ‘Student Services Team’ is always eager to help with registering for the course or with a doctor, fee transactions, etc.

To enhance interpersonal skills and manage time as well as stress, the ‘Student Learning Service’ offers free training courses for students to benefit from. International students seeking jobs in the UK or elsewhere in the world can use the services offered by the Career Service Department. Services such as preparing a resume, mock job interviews and information about various job opportunities always turn out to be quite handy for the students.

Coming from India, I didn’t feel out of place here in Glasgow as this city offers a diverse social life. There are temples, Gurudwaras and many Indian communities which won’t ever make you miss home. Glasgow as a city is rich and vibrant with myriad options for recreation. There is a lot on offer for students, from music festivals to movie festivals and theatre, this city never ceases to impress me. The night life, which is an important part of a student’s life, is quite promising too.

Not only is Glasgow a beautiful and vibrant city, but just after a few hours’ drive you can also see the most picturesque highlands of Scotland, which will make you fall in love with the country once again.