Opp leader takes jibes at BSY's silence

Opp leader takes jibes at BSY's silence

Former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa has hardly spoken in the Legislative Assembly ever since he quit the post in July last.

Leader of the Opposition Siddaramaiah on Wednesday tried to needle Yeddyurappa to break his silence by provoking him in a lighter vein.

“If you do not want to talk to your rivals in the BJP it’s okay. I am your friend. At least speak to me. We both entered the Assembly in 1983 together, remember ?” Siddaramaiah told Yeddyurappa during the discussion on budget proposals for 2012-13 in the Assembly on Wednesday.

When Siddaramaiah did not get any response from the BJP leader, he made another attempt.

“There is no point in sitting idle. Do something for the people of the State,” Siddaramaiah told former chief minister, evoking peals of laughter from members of the Legislative Assembly.

Sarcastic remark

Siddaramaiah’s sarcasm in  his “sitting idle” remark was evident, given that Yeddyurappa has been making relentless efforts to get himself reinstalled as chief minister during the last two months.

Yeddyurappa, who has preferred to occupy a seat in the last row in the treasury benches, just smiled.