Foot-tapping numbers

Foot-tapping numbers

Foot-tapping numbers

The audience got into the spirit of the evening getting out of their seats and moving to the catchy numbers that the band belted out on stage.

“Raghu’s music is a wonderful amalgam of Indian music and contemporary styles and forms from different parts of the world. That is why he is so popular across the country. His lyrics are simple and very easy to relate too and his fluency in different languages adds to his appeal and his music is foot-tappingly catchy,” said Shivraj Patil, a die-hard Raghu Dixit fan who never misses a live performance.

Seamlessy integrating different types of dance and music, the show was a treat for music lovers as there was something for everybody.

The Somana Kunitha troupe from Mysore were perfect in the song Mysore se Ayee. Clio, the French harpist now settled in Pune had come down specially for the performance and added interesting layers and textures to the song Sajana.

“The Raghu Dixit Project, as a band is meant to be an open house for musicians and artists from different genres to come together, collaborate and create exciting new forms of sound and expression that will catch the imagination of music lovers,” said Gaurav, one of the members of the Raghu Dixit Project.

Songs from the old debut album like He Bhagwan, Khidki, Ambar and Mysore se Ayee were played much to the delight of the fans who joined in with much enthusiasm.
The group played songs from their new album as well as the ever popular Gudgudiya Sedi Nodo,  an adaptation of the 19th Century poet Shishunala Sharif’s work but sung in Kannada, and other film hits. All in all, the show was an effective combination of song and, dance from Indian folk, Sufi and rock elements with sound light, colour, rhythm and melody coming into equal play.

 The show ended on a high note with fans having a good time as they shared in the peppy music and danced to the beat.