My Dad's the captain

My Dad's the captain

There is no glory for God in the things that are possible. Job, a person in the Old Testament, went through the most difficult times.  He contracted a deadly skin disease, his friends abandoned him, his crops failed and his cattle died. Yet, with unflinching faith in God, he says, “even if the Lord slay me, yet will I praise Him’. He was rewarded. All his fortunes and friends returned to him and his health was restored.  He chose to invite God into His darkest moments.

Ludwig van Beethoven, one of the world's greatest musicians, as a child he spent many lonely hours practising music every day. At the age of eleven he was already composing his own music and conducting an orchestra.

One late evening as he was out walking he passed a cobbler's house where he heard someone inside practising one of his compositions. As he stopped to listen he overheard a girl say that she wished she could hear a real musician play it properly. The great musician stepped into the house and noticed that the girl was blind.  He offered to play the piece for her. His rendition was so soul-stirring that the girl was elated.  But soon there was darkness and the only candle also went off.  But Beethoven continued to play in the dark with the moonlight showing bright.  It was in this darkness that he compiled the world-famous “Moonlight  Sonata”.  The blind girl experienced exceeding joy even in the darkness of her life.

God plays his finest tunes when we allow Him to step into our darkness.  The power and glory of God is best seen in our darkest moments.   
Darkness befalls us in the form of defeat and disappointment, financial failures and debts, broken relationships, abandonment, deteriorating health or uncertainty and doubt about the future.  
The Psalmist in the Bible, reiterates the awesome power of God over our lives, in the imagery of God as shepherd, “Even though I walk through the valley of darkness (Death), I will fear no evil, for the Lord is with me with His rod and His staff to comfort me.”   (Psalm 23:4).

A story is told of a ship that was being tossed by a storm and people were rushing to grab their life-jackets. While the ship crew started helping people, they found a boy sitting in a corner in the deck enjoying an ice-cream.
A crew-member asked the boy, “Are you not afraid we are in trouble?” Quick came the reply, “Why should I be afraid when my dad is the captain of the ship? He will surely steer us to safety”.
Make God the captain of your life.  He will steer you through the darkest nights.

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