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Today's letters

Policy shift required on fuel subsidy

The UPA government is under a great dilemma on fuel price. It cannot escape responsibility. Unfortunately, in India what started as an appeasement of the ignorant common man for years has now boomeranged on the government. It should link the international price with that of local price without giving priority to political considerations. This seems to be the only way to reduce outflow from government treasury in the form of subsidy. People should also learn to live with the fluctuations in market price and should not expect the government to foot the bill every time.


Cut in repo-rates : Benefit for old customers?

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made a cut in repo-rates for benefiting loan-takers. But usually banks never pass on such benefits to existing loan-takers. Banks compete in offering lower interest rates to new loan takers, while earlier customers having taken similar loans never get the benefit of rate cuts. The RBI should take steps to ensure existing customers also get the benefit of policy decision.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

Land grabbing an alarming trend

The loss of agricultural land around Bangalore is very discouraging and frightening. Much of the agricultural land around 50 km from the city has been taken over by real estate developers. Places where ragi, tomatoes, cabbages and cauliflower’s grew in plenty are now converted to bleak and desolate sites. People have suddenly developed a greed for investing in more and more house sites. There is an unholy nexus between greedy land developers, land owners and corrupt officials in converting thousands of acres of fertile agricultural land. Villagers lured by the so-called city comforts and easy life are trapped into selling their lands. The only solution to stop this harmful trend is to stop the procedure of land conversion and ban real estate development by private players. But then with so much political interference, can we hope to reverse the damage?


BBMP’s move highly commendable
BBMP's move to clear public places by unauthorized vendors in
Malleswaram is welcome. This should have happened long back .Similarly,
BBMP should take the necessary steps in other parts of
Bangalore. BBMP will definitely be supported and hailed by the public if they sincerely take up this move to clear public places and foot paths by vested interests in the form of vendors, land grabbers etc.


Explore common ground with Pak

A small window of opportunity has opened for improving bilateral relations, thanks to the 'private' visit of President Zardari to Ajmer. There is no reason why both the nations cannot move forward when there are so many issues of mutual interest waiting to be resolved. Terrorism issue is important but that need not derail the host of other issues that could be settled amicably for mutual benefit such as easing visa restrictions, better trade and commerce, more cultural exchanges, demilitarizing the Siachen glacier and so on.

D.B.N. Murthy

Water conservation need of the hour

I refer to the editorial “Conserve water”.
India accounts for 17% of the world’s population with a land area of only 2.4%.  Our share of fresh water is only 4%. The supply of water is finite, but demand is rising rapidly as population grows which is the biggest driver of environmental destruction. Global water consumption is projected to increase by 40% over the next 20 years. Since the world's water supply is fixed, we will have to increasingly rely on water desalination technologies, water reuse, and water conservation. According to some estimates, more than half of the world's population could be living under some level of water stress by 2025. We have to start taking corrective measures immediately if we are to live peacefully in the future


Corporators demand highly deplorable

I have never come across a more shameless group of people than our corporators
 and other representatives of the people who demand as though it is their divine
right to get free passes to cricket matches. The majority of them are so well heeled that they can easily buy tickets on their own and in fact buy some for their friends also. While the KSCA can invite the mayor and the commissioner as a matter of courtesy, the rest should fend for themselves. The public should shun such parasites at the earliest.

Dr. K.M.Srinivasa Gowda

Railways should focus on safety

This is in reference to the news “City Rail Station to have plush Lounge” (DH, 7th April 2012). It is

heartening to know that Railways are creating 50 Executive Lounges at important Railway Stations across India. I am sure such bold steps by the Railways will definitely lead to enhanced comfort to the passengers resulting in increased  passenger traffic. However, the railways should first devote all their resources towards safety. Railway accidents are quite frequent in India and the safety of passengers is more important than luxury.

D. Reghu
Salaries should be in tune with economic reality

This is in response to the article: CM promises to review govt staff pay revision (DH: April 6, 2012).

As a responsible resident of Karnataka state, I would like to bring to your notice the plight of the common man, and the government employee in particular. As we all know that there has been almost a 200-300% rise in the cost of essential commodities in the retail market, which is quite disproportionate to the meagre hike in the salary of Govt employees. When the household expenses are rising in thousands and the salaries are being hiked in hundreds, only God can come to the rescue of Govt employees. The hike in the salary is minimal and scanty and the allowances are petty and unsignificant. Adding salt to the wound, Govt employees are not paid any added incentives or annual appraisals or bonuses, in par with their private counterparts. Hence, to strike an equilibrium, there needs to be a thorough revision of the salaries of Govt employees similar to the one followed by Central Govt.

Dr. Khaja Mohteshamuddin
Bidar, Karnataka

Protection money should be recovered from IPL organizers

The Police commissioner of  Bangalore has decided to provide protection for the IPL matches being held in Bangalore. This entails 1500 police personnel guarding the venue for a period of 45 days continuously. As  IPL  is  purely  commercial in nature  and a highly profitable venture,  the expenses of police protection should be recovered from the organizers of IPL.  As Karnataka is severely affected by drought , we cannot afford the luxury of providing police protection for free. IPL is just a commercial  extravaganza  for the rich.

Praveen . S. Shetty

Perform or perish

Sachin Tendulkar's statement that he alone will decide about his retirement will sound good as long he is fit and performing. No doubt Sachin is an icon, but the same yard stick has to be applicable to him as well. The selection committee cannot keep a slot reserved for Sachin on a permanent basis.

R.G. Srinivas

Cable menace

There are numerous cases of cables running over-head all over the city criss-crossing, tree branches and even high tension wires.  One can see snapped cables dangling from the trees and poles.  These cables may pose danger to the pedestrians and motorists.  Chances of these snapped cables being electrified also cannot be ruled out.  The concerned authorities should act immediately to ensure orderly laying of the cables.

D R Prasad Gupta


Political interference, an unhealthy trend

There seems to be no love lost between current DG & IGP Mr Shankar Mahadev Bidari and the man who was overlooked for the job, Mr. A R Infant. The running feud between the two has taken another curious twist with the Central Administrative Tribunal quashing the former's appointment to the top job and instructing the state to appoint the latter as adhoc DG & IGP. With Bidari also deciding to challenge the order in the high court and Infant leaving nothing to chance by filing a caveat contending that the court should hear him first before admitting any petition challenging the CAT order it is clear that a battle royale is on the cards. The outcome will have significant overtones not only for the battling police officials but also for the state government which had a big say in the appointment of Bidari to the top post and it will be interesting to see which way the scale tilts.

N J Ravi Chander

Congress should learn lessons from polls

Sonia Gandhi should never forget the fact that apart from "Too many leaders in the party" which according to her was one of the factors responsible for the disastrous performance of the congress in the recently concluded polls, there are other reasons also which has made the common man vote against the congress. Corruption and inflation were the two main factors that led to its defeat.

M. Umesh

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