Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Do something about the incurssion

The seriousness of the situation on our international borders is reflected in the "hardening" of the Government’s stand on the issue. The western front has been witnessing a series of cease-fire violations being committed by the Pakistanis. As if not to be left behind, the incidences of Chinese incursions into the Indian territory are on the rise. The stereotype Indian reaction of issuing warnings and sending out routine notes of protests to these countries, seems to have borne no fruit so far. The next step India is expected to take involves summoning their high commissioner/ambassador to the office of the MEA to apprise them of the seriousness of the matter and then allow the dust to settle in the normal course of business. Notable among the reminders being issued from the Indian side include the Shimla agreement and the Panchsheel principle.  
Arun Malankar
Santa Cruz (E),

Political maniacs
It is really baffling to see the political situation in Andhra Pradesh. The sudden demise of YSR is really painful, but that doesn't mean all policies he implemented are his own. They are all to be considered for ruling Congress party and expected to continue by the next incumbent, not necessarily by his own son. If he is made CM, it is an insult to the seniors who have dedicated a lifetime of service to the State and Party. Even YSR himself would not have appreciated the proposal of making his inexperienced son the CM so early, ignoring the experienced political stalwarts. The reliability of the party will nose dive if he is made CM.
Bangalore-560 047

Well Done Pankaj!
The legendary American Boxer Muhammed Ali had this to say "Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them a desire, a dream, a vision".
We now have a new World Professional Billiards Champion 2009. Congrtulations Pankaj Advani, you have done the country proud by winning. Defeating the invincible Mike Rusell in his own den, England will surely rank among the fantastic feats.
Billiards has a rich history in India and young Pankaj Advani joins the list of 'all time greats' that India has produced, such as Wilson Jones, Michael Ferreira and Geet Sethi. Pankaj's success has come through hard work, dedication and the solid foundation and basics of the game that he learnt from none other than Dronacharya Award winning Billards and Snooker coach Arvind Savur. We salute you Pankaj, may you Keep Winning.
Sharath Ahuja
Technical Officer                     

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