Tumble Down Angel

Tumble Down Angel

Tumble Down Angel

The toy store was huge. It had the best toys, dolls, games and play gadgets from all over the world. In the midst of all this, sat an unusual doll. She was big, a little dirty and plump. Every time any girl passed her, the doll’s eyes stared expectantly and her hopes were raised – only to be crashed soon after. No one wanted her.

They always chose the skinny, scrawny, hard dolls in designer dresses and blond hair. Since she was unknown and unwanted for so long, let us call her Anona.

The other plastic dolls that sold like hot cakes were designed abroad and made in the factories of big cities by cold and expensive machines. But Anona was made from colourful cloth and stuffed with soft cotton. She was made in the village by quick, cheerful and warm hands of women who made lovely things for a little money. So, Anona felt that unlike the other dolls, she had a little heart. No wonder she had feelings. And that is why she felt so sad at not being picked.

She dreamt of being a playmate to some sweet girl who would pamper her. She wanted to get out of the showroom and bring joy into some girl’s life for that is what dolls are meant for. She had traveled all the way from the village with many such hopes. But it was two years since she was stuck here and no one seemed to care.
Finally, Anona had an idea. She planned to escape. She decided she would fall into someone’s shopping basket after all the other toys were chosen. This way she might just be bought by mistake. 

She put her plan to action. She took care not to fall into a bag that had toy cars, bikes, guns or cricket balls and bat. She knew boys would not be interested in her and she just couldn’t face any more rejection. She fell into a bag that had a kitchen set, a doctor’s stethoscope, a make-up kit, a mother-baby duo-doll set and a pink hair-band.

On the way to the billing section, she kept her fingers crossed. She squeezed herself to hide under the other things and prayed for the first time, not be noticed. The woman who had the basket got busy talking into her phone while the billing was done and she paid without checking. Anona couldn’t believe her luck. Finally she was bought by someone!
Once outside, she enjoyed the little fresh air that entered the bag she was packed in. She had a bumpy ride in the car and her little cotton heart went THUMP! THUMP!! THUMP!!! She was sooooooooo excited.

When she was unpacked, a little girl who held her gave her one long look. Then she tossed her aside to play with the other things in the bag. Anona could not believe her luck yet again. After a few days of being dumped in different places in the beautiful room of the huge mansion, she was given away to the maid of the house. And Anona began the third journey of her life.

She sadly wondered if she would be thrown in some garbage dump. Surprisingly, the maid handed her to her 10 year old daughter. Mala screamed with joy at getting Anona. She hugged her and kissed her and Anona’s heart was filled with joy.
Mala played with her every single day. She cleaned her up, cut out pretty clothes for her, combed her thick, black hair and even made a small cardboard house for her. Anona was transformed into a happy, beautiful and cuddly doll and was even given a name – ‘Gudiya’, which she loved.

One day, Mala was dressed in her best clothes to be taken out. Mala dressed Anona too, to take her along. They were taken to the big mansion where Mala’s mother worked. It was the birthday of the girl who stayed there.

After the cake was cut and the party had begun, she seemed to notice Anona in Mala’s hands. She suddenly cried out, “That’s my doll. I want it.” Mala held on to her doll and shook her head. The girl’s mother pulled and cajoled her, “No sweetheart, it belongs to Mala now. Remember you didn’t want it?” But the girl began to cry and demanded the doll be returned to her. Mala’s mother looked at her pleadingly. Mala clutched Anona tighter and ran out muttering, “No! Gudiya is my baby and I will not give her to anyone.” She did not bother to eat the cake and other yummy snacks she was waiting to eat.
She did not even want the lovely gifts that were packed and kept to be given to all the children at the party.

When she reached home and hugged her doll nice and tight, she seemed pretty sure that Gudiya was smiling. And Mala also noticed a tear under one of her eyes – or was it her own tear that had fallen on Gudiya’s cheek? Mala wasn’t sure – but one thing she was sure of was that she would never give her doll to anyone for anything in this whole wide world!

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