Dessert relishes

Dessert relishes

Food fix

Biscuit Cheese Cake


Packet of ginger biscuits — 1, paneer — 1 cup, sugar — half a cup, fresh cream — 2 tbsps, curd — 1 cup, cashew nuts (broken) — quarter of a cup.

Method: Hang the curd in a muslin cloth for a few hours. Extract only the curd and keep it aside. Blend the paneer, milk and sugar in a mixer until it is smooth. Add the cream and curd extract along with the other ingredients. Sandwich the biscuit and coat them with the filling. Refrigerate this for a few hours and until it  sets. Serve cold.
Date Roll

Ingredients: Seedless dates — 1 packet, sugar — half a cup, cashew nuts and raisins — half a cup, marie biscuits (powdered fine) — 1 packet, milk — 1 cup.

Method: Boil the milk, sugar and dates, stirring occasionally until it is cooked and dry. Spread it out to cool. Add the powdered biscuits, broken nuts and raisins. Spread out on a board and cut into squares. Store in a cool place.

Choco-coconut Roll

Ingredients: Powdered sugar — half a cup, grated coconut — 1 cup, biscuits (powdered fine) — 1 packet, cashew nuts — quarter of a cup, chocolate — 100 grams.

Method: Combine the sugar, grated coconut and powdered biscuits and broken cashew nuts on a large plate. Melt the chocolate in a sauce pan until it turns into a smooth paste. Add the melted chocolate to the mixture and wait for it to form a firm dough. Spread it out  and cut it into squares.

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