Some elation in the classroom

Some elation in the classroom

The decision to scrap class X exams for the CBSE schools is a virtual gauntlet thrown at the teaching community. And the teachers are game for it.

Elated by the decision, the teachers know their task has doubled and they cannot afford to rest. Ushering in the grading system and doing away with the exams, they say, will definitely take the stress and anxiety off the students but the teachers will have to work hard to ensure that a continuous evaluation of the student is carried out throughout the year.

“Care has to be taken from the teachers' end to sustain a student’s interest in the subject and uplift the system. And I feel, an extra incentive needs to be given to students who secure a centrum,” observes Dr Chhaya Bhargava, HOD Science Department, National Public School (CMR).

She says the pressures induced by the exam environment will reduce a great deal. But she thinks the grading system needs to be more specific. A student who secures 97 and the one who secures 90 per cent mustn’t be put into one slot.

Those like Jaya Balasubramaniam, social science teacher of class 10, Kensri School feels teachers will now have to be on their toes and continuously motivate the students to perform well throughout the year. “When there are no exams, students will tend to take it lightly. The new system calls for a total attitude make-over from the teachers and the parents too will have to be roped in,” says Jaya.

But she feels now it is for the teacher to tap the potential in each student and assess his or her strength in a particular field. “This new system will reduce stress and make students relaxed but the fear of lethargy is always there. It is a challenge to the teachers to restructure their teaching patterns to sustain and develop student interest,” she adds.

But senior Hindi teacher of Army School, Hema Prasad is unhappy about discarding examinations altogether. “The students will tend to be complacent. Exams maybe stressful but they sustain the competitive spirit in students,” she concludes.

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