The Ugly Truth

The beauty  In The Ugly Truth.

Abby (Heigl) is a hard nut TV producer of a morning show. She has her own set of dreams about a perfect gentleman — caring and understanding. But such men are hard to come by when she herself can’t be the perfect dream of the men she meets.

Good fortune arrives when her show’s straight forward resident in-house showman Mike (Butler) tells her how to get her dream man who lives right next door. In the process we have Mike ‘caveman’ and Abby ‘princess’  gradually falling for each other.
Heigl and Butler share a strong onscreen chemistry as two characters that are poles apart, but the ‘ugly truth’ is that the film is neither that funny nor romantic in the true sense. You can’t simply laugh out loud at a girl wearing a vibrating underwear or getting romantic over a balloon kiss.

The film’s predictable plot also has the most sexual references among the recently released romcom films with scenes involving the use of F and B words and sexist dry remarks. With so many vulgar expressions young couples may find it titillating to some extent. If you don’t mind a sincerely devilish, talk dirty and above all stereotypical movie The Ugly Truth might be just for you.

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