When ministering angels turned models

When ministering angels turned models


Showing their appreciation towards nurses, Wockhardt Hospitals in the City held a different kind of fashion show where a male and a female nurse was crowned the king and the queen, respectively, of Wockhardt on International Nurses’ Day.

After the preliminary rounds that were held during the week, 13 participants were chosen from the four centres of the hospital. The show had four rounds called the Royal walk, Neighbour’s envy, Judges chance and Face off.

The first round had the participants dressed in Indian formals walking the ramp and introducing themselves. One of the most interesting introductions was given by Anjanna, who said, “My dream is to go scuba diving and climb the Everest and fix the Indian and the hospital flag on top.” Such was the innocence and aspirations shown by all the participants.

The second round was a question and answer round between the participants while in the third round, the participants had to face the judges from the hospital. The result of the three rounds led to the crowning of Rizwan from Bannerghatta as the King of Wockhardt and Dipty Diana Fernandes from Cunningham Road as the Queen of Wockhardt. This was then followed by the final round, where both the king and queen were given a hypothetical situation which was followed by a question, and based on that answer, Dipty won the entire competition as the Ruler of Wockhardt.

The programme included some energetic song and dance performances by the students of the hospital’s nursing college. The centre heads of the hospital were also present. “Nursing should be from the heart and not the head. That’s why anybody and everybody cannot become a nurse. It requires a special calling and the ability to be sympathetic and empathetic towards the sick. It is this personal conviction and passion that makes one enter into the most noble profession,” said Davison, Centre Head of Wockhardt, Bannerghatta Road.      

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