Sweet obsession in the form of burfee

Sweet obsession in the form of burfee

Sweet obsession in the form of burfee

Indian cuisine is incomplete without a ‘sweet dish’. One always looks for mithai or something sweet after completing a wholesome meal. It’s impossible to imagine if greasy, syrupy sweets such as gulab jamun, rasmalai and others of its kind are done away with.

Take your imagination a step further and think what it would be like if guests at an Indian wedding exchanged cupcakes and marshmallows to mark the occasion. No! Blasphemous thought.

The inspiration lies in the fact that our love of sweets has always been there even though they are severely high in calories. Besides, nothing compares traditional Indian sweets which often leave the individual asking for more.

Though better known to its customers for its awesome chole bhature, Standard Burfee in Karol Bagh is also known amongst its regulars for preparing really authentic burfee for the sweet’s lovers. It has two things going for it. One, it’s right on the main Ajmal Khan Road, which even today has the best bargains and two, a 60 year old legacy - which is hard to beat.

They serve 10-12 kinds of burfee namely plain burfee, chocolate burfee, doda burfee, badaam burfee, kaju roll, kesar pista badam burfee, kaju katli, sewiyan burfee and their most famous sweet – named after their own shop is the Standard pista burfee which is available at Rs 400 per kilo. The most expensive is the kaju katli which is available at Rs 700 per kilogram.

Standard Burfee was started by Mehar Singh and his brother Charan Dass. Today, the third generation of the family is taking forward the legacy. Naval Batra who runs the show now, along with his cousin Ravi Tej shares more about the institution that Standard Burfee has become.  “Our fathers beli­e­v­ed in producing standard products and that is why the name Standard Burfee. It is for the same reason that we don’t have any franchise as we want to maintain strict quality control.” The shop only uses pure and authentic things in their sweets which is reflected in the taste. “We do not use colour or artificial preservatives.” The sweets are pure and authentic. We make fresh products everyday and nothing is stale,” says Naval.

Spiced just right, the Badam Bhujia is an absolute hit. While their burfee is a byword in the City, they also serve doda, khoya kadam, pinni and kalakand as well. The shop which attracts more than 350 footfalls everyday has well earned their name.