Flaunt your curls now

Flaunt your curls now

Flaunt your curls now

Thick and shiny hair adds to a woman’s beauty. But they can be really messy one fails to provide proper care and nourishment to them. Hair demand even more care if they are curly as it is easier to maintain straight hair as compared to wavy locks.

Many women with straight hair long for curly hair as they can be stylised in many ways and look unique but at the same time they need more time to dry up and get combed. Frizz is also a common problem in curly hair which spoils their original look and makes them unmanageable.

However, with a little extra effort, curly hair can be more bouncy and the subject of attention wherever you go. A lot of actresses and models such as Kangana Ranaut and Sheetal Mallar have been sporting curly locks.

According to hair experts, curly hair gets unmanageable and frizzy because they are generally drier than straight hair and hence require more hydration and rinse by shampoo and conditioner which can give more moisture.

Richa Agarwal, Director, Cleopatra Spa, says usually curly hair are 80 per cent drier than other types of hair. So, the shampoo and conditioner to be used for them have to be different than those for straight hair. “It is also advisable to use anti-fizz and Moroccan serum after washing off hair. They seal the moisture and smooths the texture of curly hair,” she says.

The lengthier the curly hair, the more they get fizzy and difficult to comb. Popular beauty and hair expert Shahnaz Husain says conditioning is one thing which softens curly hair and makes them manageable. “A creamy conditioner may be used after shampoo. It should be applied very little and massaged lightly into the hair. After leaving it for two minutes, the hair should be rinsed off. A hair serum or leave-on conditioner should then be used the same way but should not be rinse off,” she says.

To lessen the frizz, washing off hair with hot water and dryer should be avoided as it causes more frizzes. “After shampoo, women with curly hair should wrap a towel around the head and let it soak up water. Rubbing should also be avoided to dry the hair,” she advises.

“If you use a hair dryer, use a big round brush. Divide the hair into sections. Pin them up and dry one section at a time. Blow in a downward direction. Using the dryer over the hair can cause more frizz,” adds Shahnaz.

Most importantly, comb with short-gaped bristles and brushes to disentangle curly hair should not be used. “People with curly hair must use only wide-toothed comb. They can also used wide-toothed comb first and then the comb with short-gaped bristles. This would help to save the hair from breakage and hair damage,” says Richa.

A little care and you can be proud of your curly hair.