Bridegroom among 4 drown in Cauvery in Karnataka

Bridegroom among 4 drown in Cauvery in Karnataka

Tragedy struck a marriage party when the 22-year old bridegroom and two others, including his mother, drowned in Cauvery river near here just an hour before he was to tie the knot making a vain attempt to rescue an eight-year old girl.

Shivanna was about to get married to 20-year old Lakshmi at a community hall in a temple along the banks of Cauvery when he heard the cries of the girl who slipped and fell into the river and her mother.

Though the muhurat was just an hour away, Shivanna plunged into the river to save the girl and her mother. Seeing her son jump into the river, his mother also followed suit.

All the four met with a watery grave, much to the shock of the families of the groom and bride, who was shocked by the sudden turn of events.

A pall of gloom descended at the place which was till then abuzz with people busy making arragements for the marriage.