For the divine

For the divine

An evening of wines and entertainment was organised at the Century Club recently.

Held to promote Kinvah wines amongst the wine-lovers of the City, the event had a
fabulous attendance with the hall packed to the hilt with over 350 guests.

As starters and drinks were passed around in the open hall of the club, people
seemed to be having fun after a hard day of work. 

Master magician and ventriloquist Indushree took the stage as she entertained the guests with a series of tricks. She started with an illusive trick of red balls, where in the number of balls she held in her hands doubled every second.

This was followed by a trick involving colourful ribbons. She then called upon a person from the audience on stage and did a paper trick. She tore a piece of tissue into pieces, and put them in her mouth and pulled the piece out intact. Her best trick was the one with the wine bottles, where the wine bottles kept doubling within a span of

A brilliant ventriloquist, Indushree’s tricks with a funny-looking puppet kept the audience in splits. Most of her tricks reflected the spirit of the evening.

For instance, jokes on wine like, ‘Wine is like a girlfriend, it gives you a high. Liquor is like a wife, it gives you a kick’, had everyone laughing. She even had a social message of Don’t Drink and Drive in her gimmick.

Said Raju, the Chairman and Managing Director of Kinvah, “The evening was held in appreciation of our trade. It was basically a vote of thanks to our tradespeople.”
He added, “We were pleased to see the guests appreciate the facts on wine and showcase interest in learning more about the drink. One of our motives is to educate customers about wine and it’s health benefits.”

The evening, organised by Lalit Sanghvi, ended with cocktail dinner for all the guests.