It's not a sequel...

It's not a sequel...

Raghu Mukherjee is back in action with his latest film Savaari to 1000 A D. Before one jumps to conclusions about this film being a sequel to Jacob Verghese’s Savaari, first-time director Chandra Thimmampalli tells Metrolife that the film has nothing to do with Savaari.

“The journey and a portion of the title are similar here but we have made a different script that is thrilling and entertaining,” says the director.   

Agrees lead actor Raghu Mukherjee. “Apart from the facts that the title has the word ‘savaari’ and I star in it, the movie is completely different,” he says.  

The shooting of the film started recently. Savaari... is the journey of a software engineer, who returns to India after working abroad for 15 years. “Out here, he meets a traditional Indian girl and faces a culture clash,” says Chandra.

A title like Savaari to 1000 AD is bound to raise everyone’s curiosity. After all, what exactly does 1000 AD refer to? “How this 1000 AD is shown in the film is the interesting part and viewers have to wait and watch it on the screen,” he adds. 

Actress Milana makes her debut through this film. Describing her role, the director says she plays a traditional girl with strong Indian values. “Even though she is traditional, her thoughts are very progressive. It is because of a challenge she poses to the protagonist that the film moves forward,” he adds.

Sanjeev Megoti, who has composed songs for many Telugu films, is making his debut as a composer in Kannada movies with Savaari....

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