Powerful messages that can work wonders

Powerful messages that can work wonders

Sometimes it so happens that we fail to understand the true value and importance of the things that we already possess. 

This is mainly because we don’t comprehend their proper use and therefore its value and importance is lost upon us. Take the case of the scriptures – Divinely inspired messages for mankind. They are truly valuable and important for us. 

They are powerful messages which can work wonders for us. Although we have a lot of respect and reverence for them, so much so that even perceived disrespect for them from any quarter agitates us beyond control, we are reluctant to internalise the teaching of the Scriptures and imbibe the Truths, Values and Morals enshrined in them.

Consequently their true worth is lost upon us.

There is a wonderful parable which brings out this phenomenon clearly. 

There was once a villager who, one day, when going to another village, finds something on the way which he had never seen before. So he takes it.  Once back in his own village he shows his find to his friend. His friend tells him that it is a bullet and goes on to tell him that it is a very powerful thing indeed, so powerful that it can even kill a tiger. 

He is fascinated to hear that and is pleased with his discovery and decides to carry it always as a protection from any danger he may encounter. It so happens that after a few days he was attacked by a very fierce dog and he is terrified. 

Then he remembers the powerful thing he is carrying, so powerful that it could even kill a tiger, so takes it and flings it at the dog expecting to see the dog being killed instantly. 

To his surprise nothing of that sort happens and the bullet does nothing to deter the dog from attacking him and injuring him grievously. Now he begins to curse his friend for lying to him.

The villager – the simpleton he was – had totally misunderstood the meaning of what his friend had told him. He did not know that for the bullet a gun was also needed into which the bullet had to be loaded and only when fired from the gun the bullet becomes powerful. 

Much in the same way, for the scriptures to become powerful, the message of the scripture needs to be internalised by us. 

And only when that is done and our lives are synchronised to the Truths, Values and Morals enshrined in them that we truly begin to perceive their true value and power – a power which can work wonders.  

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