Radio stars in the making

Radio stars in the making


Continuing with its ongoing quest for College Champions, the Radio One talent hunting team recently visited Shree Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain CMS College recently. Ruby Chakravarti and R J Anjaan were the celebrity judges. R J Prithvi hosted the show and encouraged the participants.

“Come on guys, be yourselves, loosen up and have some fun,” called out Ruby as she got the eight participating teams to do just that in the course of the evening.
The show is designed to bring out the best of radio talent in colleges through a series of competitive rounds with 10 colleges (represented by a team of two members) making it to the finals.

There was high-level of enthusiasm when the contest was first announced with several students registering for it. However, only eight teams finally participated. Tanima and Manali Mehta were declared champions.

“We didn't even know each other till we met at the registration desk just before the event was to begin. As neither of us had a partner, we decided to team up and it turned out to be a great decision since we won,” said Manali.

Introducing themselves and their radio station in the first round, the teams moved on to the situation round, where they handled topics thrown at them by the judges.

This was followed by a talent round and finally a ‘Stop me if you can’ round during which the participants were required to chatter non-stop till the judges asked them to stop.
Whether it was speaking in different regional accents or talking non-stop about themselves, there was no dearth of subject matter.

As it stands, the winning duo will be heading for the finals and may even decide to become RJ professionals going by the encouragement they received at the event.