London gallery to play host to solo exhibitions by two Indians

The Aicon Gallery will play hosts to the exhibitions named 'Archetype' till October 17.

In the gallery's ground floor, Avikunthak presents the 18-minute-long 16 mm film "Endnote (Antaral)" that follows three women who reminisce about their time at school and affirm their old friendships with each other. However, each also shares a secret with one another about the third, a secret that is never made known to the viewer.

The narrative is based on Samuel Beckett's short play "Come and Go". The first half of "Endnote" might be seen as a deconstruction of Beckett, with the second part, a reconstruction.

Avikunthak  is an experimental filmmaker who has been making films in India from the mid-1990s and splits his time between Kolkata and Yale University where he teaches.
Burman is exhibiting a selection of recent paintings in the lower ground floor of the gallery. Born in 1935 in Kolkata, Burman presents imagery that veers between the dream-like, the mythic and the hallucinatory. The pictorial space on his canvases are filled with dense, intensely coloured, textural detail.

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