Casting a spell through tricks


Everyone gets intrigued when the word magic is used. A spotlight shines and a young boy starts playing with cards, producing more and more out of thin air and thus begins the show of Magic Theatre by two times National Award winner, Tejas.

The show was a blend of choreographed scenes where the magician is accompanied by trained dancers to assist him in his tricks and solo acts by the young magician. Tejas’s fabled acts include passing through a human body, mental and psychic magic, levitating a girl off the ground, escaping from locked chains, transformation and creating Illusions. Thus the package was thought over but the tricks were old. The show  could only fool the kids but was not enjoyable for the adults. 

Tejas performed tricks with his magical pack of cards, glass and bottle, rope, future predictions and also inserted steel sheets into the box that contained a girl. The flying trick was the best in which a girl sitting in white dress is flown in the air and rods are passed above and below her to ensure the audiences that she is flying.

It did bring the audience on the edge of their seats as the spectators strained their eyes to focus on the girl. The magic wizard snapped his fingers and the within a moment, the girl became conscious again and was walking on the ground. 

The interactive approach of the magician became his USP. While presenting the magic, he interacted with the audience and made sure that the audience is an equal participant in the show. Thus asked for volunteers at and made the show interactive.

At a point when Tejas made an audience member lie down on a table top and then removed the supports, the audience applauded to the trick and all present were left in amazement. 

But all these were similar to what one has been witnessing since ages. However, the audience appreciated the show. Ashu Gupta, an audience member said, “I liked the show and especially the trick in which the magician passed a ring around the floating man. Also, I enjoyed being part of the trick where he predicted the future and revealed the name of my best friend, even without me telling him about it.”

So if the kids want to be mesmerised and extend their fun beyond their recently concluded summer vacations, then head to Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar where Tejas is casting his magical spell on the spectators everyday from 7pm to 8pm, except Tuesday.

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