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Dear Sir,

I had to discontinue my engineering degree due to some personal constraints. I am now in the final year of a BCA degree but programming is not one of my strongest points. I am worried about my future in the field. Besides an MCA, which other course can I pursue? Please help.


Dear Deepak,

It is good that you are moving ahead despite your initial setback, and are on the verge of completing your degree.  Since you are not interested in programming, you need to check which other field you have an aptitude, interest and inclination towards. For example, you could try one these: marketing, design, management, teaching, mass communication, content writing, software testing, supply-chain management, the social sector, government service, to name a few.  Accordingly, you can choose what you would like to take up for higher studies.  If you are unable to decide, then you may take up an aptitude test.

Dear Sir,

I have just graduated from Class 10. I am interested in studying Biology further.  In order to work in Forensic Science, will I have to obtain an MBBS degree? Does this course/branch have career options abroad?  Kindly suggest the universities in India which are specialised in Forensics. What is the time period for completing this course after Second PUC ?  I am also interested in Journalism as a career choice. Kindly advise.


Dear Nikitha,

Journalism and Forensic Sciences are two different worlds, and it will be in your interest to narrow down your interest in either direction.  It is best to do an MBBS if you wish to do meaningful work in Forensics, though you can also start with a three-year B.Sc and then pursue higher studies. Forensic Science has a good future abroad, but limited in India. If you wish to take up anything in medical, life-sciences etc., then it is better that you take up PCM-B or PCB+Home Science at the PUC level, and then narrow it down to a specific choice after one year.

Dear Sir,

I am 29 years-old and I have an MA in History through correspondence and I presently hold a clerical job. I don’t want to continue working in this profile nor am I interested in a job as a lecturer. Should I pursue an MBA or an MSW? What are the job opportunities with an M.A in History?


Dear Ashwini,                              

As you are 29 years-old and your work experience has not been in the managerial sector, it may be better for you to consider alternatives such as MSW rather than going in for a highly-competitive MBA. Also note that there are many other alternatives in distance learning to do a post-graduation in. For example, you could pursue a management degree in education, social sector management, disaster management amongst many others.  Go through the websites of open universities such as IGNOU, KSOU, Madras University, Kuvempu, Annamalai, and you will have many options. Select based entirely on your interest and what you expect to be good in, and you will certainly get job opportunities.

Dear Sir,

I am a second-year B.Com student. Which course can I pursue at the PG level? I am keen on Accounting as a subject. Kindly advise.


Dear Student,

If you are really good in accounts then you may aim for CA, ICWA, and related professional courses.  If you are not a high achiever then you can opt for M.Com, and back it up with computer-related accounting courses such as SAP, Tally, CISCO certification, etc.

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