A knack with the oven

A knack with the oven

Baking Enthusiasts

A knack with the oven

Baking has become a trend among youngsters, with many of them enrolling in the new baking schools that are springing up across the City.

Most of them say that they have been motivated to learn the art because of cookery shows. Metrolife speaks to a few to find out why they were encouraged to take up the art.

“I have been baking since I was 12-years-old. I started baking as I was very interested in the whole process. I started with an ordinary cake and today I bake fruit cakes, chocolate cakes and various other dishes. My mother used to help me in the beginning but with time and experience, I started innovating and adding something new to a conventional recipe,” says Deepayan, who is 16-years-old.

   Roshni, an advertising professional, bakes for the love of it and says that it’s just like any other hobby. “It started with a cupcake and now I bake to relieve stress.

We never buy cakes from outside — I bake for all the ceremonies. Whether it is a birthday party or a traditional ceremony, I try and bake on all occasions,” she adds.

While some are gifted in the art of baking, others honed their skills at baking schools that can be seen everywhere in the City. A six-month course or a year’s course is enough to make one get used to the nuances of baking.

“We have a beginner’s class and a class for seniors as well. Something interesting that I have noticed is that many teenagers take the course nowadays. We have around 12 to 13 of them who have enrolled and some of them are really talented. They not only grasp concepts quickly, but also add their own bit to the recipe. Many even innovate and come up with some wonderful ideas,” says Sashwati, who runs a baking school in Indiranagar.

Many, however, feel that baking is an expensive art and needs a lot of time as well as capital. “I love baking; however it is not possible to bake very often as it can cause a hole in your pocket. This is one of the reasons that I bake only occasionally. With price rise and expenditure sky-rocketing, it is not possible to nurture your hobbies all the time,” informs Radhika, a homemaker.

While some baking schools include the cost of the materials in the fee, most others ask the students to get the materials on their own.
But despite being an expensive hobby, many are taking a keen interest in the art and believe in experimenting.

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